Language cooperative


Language lovers are announcing the forming of a language exchange in talking, presenting cultures, translations and teaching of world languages – Arabic, Albanian, Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Turkish, English, French, German... Follow the forming and development of the cooperatives – and join in!


Video "Origins of food"

The video “Origins of food” was created as a part of the media campaign Taste of Home, whose goal is raising awareness about refugee integration into our society, that is jointly carried out by Fade In and Center for Peace Studies. Based on the idea of presenting life experiences and cultural identities of refugees through gastro...



The book of recipes and refugees’ stories "Taste of Home" was presented last week on Thursday in Booksa. The book will be promoted once again in spring in Zagreb and Rijeka, and after that it will be available for purchase. The book promotion is a part of Taste of Home campaign that is carried out by Fade In (Fantastično dobra institucij...


Taste of Home at Design Week


 #‎tdzg: The #‎DIDI IMPACT DESIGN workshop with the topic „Intercultural Integration Center for Refugees“ was held today. The workshop continues next week, and will be mentored by Emina Bužinkić and Tea Vidović from Center for Peace Studies and Mirna Karzen and Stella Kalac from Social Innovation Lab. Participants of all...


Tonight in Rijeka's Palach we are preparing tastes of Africa


The cooks of Taste of Home and Food, not boms are still preparing dishes for the tasting and exhibition opening tonight in Palach Gallery. „I immediately saw the Project Taste of Home as a great idea, because, through work with those disempowered such as refugees and migrants, on one side it is working on their integration into society, a...