[MIGRENT] - publication


The publication [MIGRENT] provides an overview of a few current migrant (and) social entrepreneurial initiatives in Europe. It moves primarily toward the understanding that migrant entrepreneurship is an important tool of socio-economic emancipation, guaranteeing both successful integration of a newcomer while creating an impact to local economic growth. Moreover, it encompasses importance of authenticity and solidarity in entrepreneurial endeavors creating a more just and socially-aware economy in opposition to rather capitalistic realities of our aiming at only profit making. Moreover, we noted an importance of community and civil society support to the empowerment of newcomers and their entrepreneurial steps. The publication integrates examples of migrant entrepreneurship projects or civil society organizations’ initiatives promoting entrepreneurship through so-called Corners of Inspiration. 

[MIGRENT] is also a coined abbreviation that stands for migrant entrepreneurship. It also stands as an umbrella title for all current and future activities conducted by the Centre for Peace Studies when it comes to promotion of, contribution to and development of migrant entrepreneurship, especially social entrepreneurship. [MIGRENT] relies on previous experiences of the Centre for Peace Studies in developing social cooperative for intercultural cooperation known as Taste of Home (Okus doma). [MIGRENT] also embraces new knowledge and experience sharing among migrant and domestic social entrepreneurs. The publication followed an international conference held in April 2017 in Zagreb gathering more than 50 entrepreneurs, volunteers, activists, academics, researchers, journalists and workers of civil society organizations. As many great ideas were shared in this engaging and learning process, this publication reflects on many spoken words and shared experiences, bringing us to the real life of business ideas and entrepreneurial surroundings.

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