Dear friends,

This is not a goodbye letter and it is not wrapped in sorrow, on the contrary, it signs a completely new path, encompassed with the new energy and a creative break. Therefore from the very start, do read this letter as the deepest gratitude for the past experiences and a sign of the optimistic dedication of our collective to the new moves.  


After more than two years of work, we’ve decided to shut down Taste of Home’s catering service. It was a hard decision to make, especially because of the amazing community of individuals and groups that we’ve cooperated closely and successfully. The support we’ve enjoyed in Zagreb and beyond, from the first culinary workshops through the crowdfunding campaigns to the expression of your impressions with the tastes served on your plates, have been permanently carved into our story. Our story is yours as well, it a common and shared one, therefore everlasting.  


However, the overall social and political circumstances have firmly heralded a hard path to the survival of the refugee-migrant social enterprise project, as the winds in the scale of the social tolerance started blowing against our values. We’ve found ourselves in a situation of continuous precarious work without sufficient income to sustain the catering and we weren’t able to develop. Therefore, we’ve decided to take a new step towards collective developing and solidary effort of all of ours cofounders and employees.  


In the last months, we’ve dedicated our time to creative work and came up with new ideas, the ones that will still bring forward our tastes, in a new way. Until the post-New Year surprises, we are still here and with great pleasure we will organize culinary workshops and trainings in a homely atmosphere, we will visit schools and kindergartens where we will read stories and share experiences, we are preparing new recipes and cookbooks…together with you, we are dreaming big.  


Since we nourish relations and want to keep in touch, please feel free to write to us at or on your FB page. We will be happy to hear from you.  


In solidarity and love, we send you warm greetings. 


May we all enjoy a calm sea and fair winds.  


Sadou, Sweta, Zinka, Luka, Chichi, Vera, Romana, Sara, Bashkim, Branka, Željka, Vedrana, Martina, Emina