Documentary film "Taste of home"


A young woman is writing down refugees' cooking recipes along with their shocking stories, making an unusual cookbook. To her, tastes of childhood and trajectories of food and wars are intertwined. On this journey she meets a Tunisian chef who seeks asylum in Croatia and a 22-year-old Syrian girl trying to build a new home. Can the language of food tell the story of what is long gone?

Documentary film "Taste of Home" was produced by Incredibly good institution - Fade In in collaboration with the Center for Peace Studies as a part of the project "Quality integration solutions for refugees".

Written and directed by: Martina Globočnik
Original idea by: Martina Globočnik, Emina Bužinkić
Producers: Morana Komljenović, Emina Bužinkić
Executive producer: Vilka Alfier
Asistant director: Antina Bratić
Lead cinematographer: Iva Kraljević
Cinematographers: Bojan Mrđenović, Morana Komljenović, Dražen Žerjav
Sound recordists: Tonči Tafra, Hrvoje Golubić
Editor: Marija Prusina
Image processing and colour correction: Iva Kraljević
Sound design and mixing: Tonči Tafra
Foley artist: Khalifa Faye
Composer and performer of the score "Taste of home": Stanislav Kovačić
Music selection: Marija Prusina