Sadou Diagne


I was born in Dakar, Senegal in 1990. But most of my childhood age I spent living in the south with my auntie and uncle. I have been visiting my parents and the rest of my five brothers and sisters weekly. After finishing high school I was planning to enrole the university but things have suddenly changed in my life; I guess destiny had differen...


Chichi Amare Woldemeskel


I was born 1984. in a small fishing city Ziway by the Ziway lake located about 100 miles south of Addis Ababa. I am a descendant of the Gurage people, a Semitic-speaking ethnic group in Ethiopia. I am the youngest of my four  brothers and sisters. One of my brothers died unfortunately. And my parents died when I was a small child so I don't...


Vera Gjokaj


Future Waldorf teacher. Currently, I am engaged in social entrepreneurship and I cooperate with organizations working on projects that want to develop a good economy, with the goal of creating a solidary, just and humane society.   For several years I have been writing and implementing projects funded from EU funds, and I have gained know...


Branka Juran


I grew up in Križevci, and after high school, I moved to Zagreb where I studied Political Science. Some of my "first steps" in the civil society began with engagement in the activities of the Croatian Anti-war Campaign. I also worked for some international humanitarian organizations abroad (Afghanistan, Turkey), and in 2005 I moved to London whe...


Emina Bužinkić


I was born in Sisak, Croatia where I spent my whole childhood apart from the refugee days in different places in Croatia and Slovenia. I clearly remember all the days spent in the basement during shelling; it was an experience of fast growing up and an experience that pushed me towards the fight for the different world. After years of articulati...