Kulinarski događaji

Taste of Home presenting at Čakovec's Cooperatives Week


Within the Cooperatives Week in Čakovec, we have presented our initiative Taste of Home and it's prospective ideas on establishing social cooperative and kicking-off catering business. Taste of Home aims at implementing crowdfunding campaign in autumn this year in order to collect means in supporting refugees' social business. For this occasion...


Taste of Home in Kutina


In Kutina (where the Center for asylum seekers is situated) the iniciative „Let's be human“ organised a programme Kufer- Kutina is fair, with the goal of informing, sensitizing and calling the public on fair relationship towards asylum seekers and refugees. The message was: „let's be human, all different-all equal“ and ou...


Taste of Home and homeless: 'Food for everyone!', in 'Ghetto' Split


„Ghetto club“ from Split hosted Taste of Home to do a show kitchen in cooperation with CROSOL and Centre for Peace studies. They were joined by local organizations Info-zona, MoST (Centre for Homeless People), Children’s Care Home Maestral and Association of Mediterranean Chefs. The cooking workshop was led by refugees and frie...


Taste of Home is learning how to make a fish brodet


To the fish market, then coffee and talk and of we went to do the workshop of dalmatian brodet. Since Taste of Home cherishes every cooking tradition today we decided to share on of famous croatian dishes coming from Dalmatia. Our cooks were delighted to learn how to prepare various types of fish in this rich dish and the taste blow them away. W...