Kulinarski događaji

Ethiopian coffee ceremony in Zagreb


Yesterday, within the campaign Zagreb: open city?, in club Močvara, we brought a part of Ethiopian culture to our city: the coffee ceremony which in Ethiopia and as well in Eritrea presents an integral part of social and cultural life of the society.  Transferred from generation to generation, this custom stands for more than just a j...


Culinary presentation, 20.6.2012.


Marking the World Refugee Day, Peace Studies attendees presented local area dishes using foods and spices from all around the world. 


May Day Debut, Bikers Beer Factory, Zagreb, 1.5.2013.


Refugees and Peace Studies attendees, as a part of the Mentor group Migrations and Asylum, participated in a one-day workshop and prepared a delicious tasting of fifteen dishes from Afghanistan, Armenia and Nigeria. 


Cooking with KAMA


A group of activists, volunteers and refugees visited the Austrian organisation KAMA and participated in the preparation of South-American meals under the leadership of a migrant from Venezuela.