Kulinarski događaji

Cooking duel: Africa vs Croatia


On Dolac, the widest known food market in Zagreb, we organized a cooking duel: Prince, asylant from Nigeria vs Rene Bakalović, famous croatian Chef. On menu: eggs with mushrooms, chives, pepper and cherry tomatoes. While the sun was generous, warming us with its rays, in the midst of a crowded food market we witnesses making eggs with a slight d...


Taste of Home in 'In Magazine' Nova TV


In the studio of Nova TV our cheerful team shared some of their cooking skills with the viewers. We have presented our collective and the goals of the crowdfunding campaigne which  has been successfully ending at that moment. We thank our devoted fans for taking these great photos in front of their TVs.


Our support to 'Are You Syrious' initiative Kind people day


Our good friends from the initiative 'Are You Syrious' asked Taste of Home to support Kind People Day: an event they dedicated to hundreds of thousand people, refugees from Africa and Asia. The AYS volunteers wanted to share their first hand experiences collected on the so called Balkan route with the visitors of this event. Exhibition, workshop...


'Taste of Home' in Hong Kongs chinese chefs workshops; Kul IN Sisak


The guest chefs Chan Chun Hung and Leung Kin Sum from the Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI)- Hong Kong, have shared their master skills of preparing traditional Cantonese food with the participants of 3days workshops in Culinary Institute in Sisak. Since in Taste of Home we treasure this kind of culinary-cultural exchanges we have gladly applied ...


Taste of Home's workshop for crowdfunding campaign donors


Today the Taste of Home's chefs have shared their recipes with some of the great people who donated to our recent crowdfunding campaign. This workshop was one of the perks of our campaign. It started with introducing chefs and participants, conversations and than we were of to the exciting adventure of discovering egzotic scents and tastes of Et...