Youth is the future- Taste of Home with pupils in Osijek


Taste of Home and Nansen Dialogue Centre Osijek enabled the elementary and high-school pupils and their teachers from Slavonija and Baranja intercultural learning accented on migrations. 90 pupils had the opportunity to taste national dishes from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Marocco and Tunis and to talk to our cooks. This conversation was truly insp...


'The potentials of solidarity with the refugees in Croatian society'


Taste of Home made one more interesting cooperation with the purpose of promoting solidarity. Namely, within the 13th Festival of the First a lecture was presented discussing: „The potentials of solidarity with the refugees in Croatian society“.  Members of Taste of Home team, who are also volunteers at the transit camps for ref...


'Your voice could also be a part of the solution'- Taste of Home in school again


„Moin moin tastes really good!“ This was the reaction of the pupils attending Gregurovec school in Croatia and their fellow pupils from Pranjan in Serbia. The preparation of moin moin that is nigerian beans cake was presented to pupils and their teachers by Taste of Home team within the ACES project „Your voice could also be a ...


Foreign media about 'Taste of Home':


The vision of Taste of Home has been recognized outside Croatian borders so for more info you can follow up on: European Liberties platform (, 29.10.2015- link. UK.NEWS.YAHOO.COM, Rachel O'Brien, AFP, 07.12.2015.- link


'No borders' art project


Taste of Home loves art! That is why we have gladly joined Live Atelier in the exhibition of the „No Border“ project which addressed some important questions about identity, prejudice and borders between people, within ourselves and the world which we live in. We have spiced this research with couple of our specialties, answers and i...