Taste of Home- guest of „Good Morning Croatia“ TV show


This morning Chichi, David and Emina got up early to wish a good morning on behalf Taste of Home team to the viewers of Croatian TV. They presented a delicious middle-eastern recipe for chickpea and pomegranate salad and used this opportunity to explain what is Taste of Home about. We continue tirelessly toward our goal of quality integration of...


Read me, don't judge me by my covers!


Members of Taste of Home have become books for a day. Many interested citizens have been reading two books: „Nigerian with an address in Zagreb“ and „From Damascus to Zagreb“. „Don't judge books by its covers“ was the message sent by the project „Human Library“ organised by PaRiter association with...


Bread crumbs tell some stories


Agege, dabo, bosnian cake bread and kefir bread. You can guess once, Taste of Home is making some breads. Bread as a symbol of welcoming and home memories started smelling great as we were talking to our new dear friend Željka Klemenčić, the chief editor of a very special magazine Mrvica (meaning: bread crumb). We truly felt the sentiment behind...


Successfull end o our crowdfunding campaigne- THANK YOU!


We want to thank everyone for supporting and donating in our campaigne. We are thrilled for raising 19 000$ with your help. We'll get on with our work now: registering the cooperative, finding the kitchen, organizing language workshops and many other activities. Keep following our progress on this here website, our facebook page: https://ww...