Refugees in Croatia cook their food into inclusion


Sandra Wahech, a 23-year-old refugee from Syria, has been living in Croatia for nearly two years. She has done her best to integrate into her host country - learning Croatian and attending university in Zagreb. Still, Wahech feels like an outsider. "From my experience, Croatian people will always treat me as a foreigner and you will always be '...


Taste of Home presenting at Crowdfunding Academy


Taste of Home collective will, on the occassion of a two day Crowdfunding Convetion organized by the UNDP Croatia and partners to be held on Thursday and Friday, prepare and serve meals from Syria in solidarity with Syrian refugees. Welcome to Croatia, dear refugees. 


TV show Hrvatska uživo hosts Taste of Home- live


TV show „Croatia live“ hosted our cheerful cooks of Taste of Home, who shared more of their magic with the public and announced the start of the crowdfunding campaigne aiming at donations for starting their very own kitchen. That way they can share more of their delicious food with the croatian public and brake some more prejudices t...