Radio jingle - Integration starts with understanding

The radio jingle “Integration starts with understanding” is a part of the media campaign Taste of Home, whose goal is informing the public about questions of integration of refugees into our society and also warning us about the obstacles and problems which they face. The campaign is jointly carried out by Fade In and Center for Peac...


Taste of Home cookbook promotion


It is our pleasure to invite you to the promotion of Taste of Home cookbook, a book of culinary skills and memories of home from refugees living in Croatia.   Booksa, Martićeva 14d 29. January 2014. at 18.00h Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness Auguste Escoffier   Embark on an exploratory adventure of world cuisine w...


Documentary film "Taste of Home" coming soon


In the past 20 years thousands of migrants have lost their lives trying to reach Europe. Some of them found themselves in Croatia. How much do we understand them, how much do they understand us? Is food a language that we all speak and that might make us start accepting each other? Up until 2014 a little under 5000 foreigners from different par...


Documentary film "Taste of home"


A young woman is writing down refugees' cooking recipes along with their shocking stories, making an unusual cookbook. To her, tastes of childhood and trajectories of food and wars are intertwined. On this journey she meets a Tunisian chef who seeks asylum in Croatia and a 22-year-old Syrian girl trying to build a new home. Can the language of f...