1st Conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship in Zagreb, April 24th to 28th


Dear Sir/Madam, we are pleased to announce our first conference on migrant entrepreneurship that will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, on April 24th to 28th. The conference is organised by the Centre for Peace Studies in cooperation with the social cooperative Taste of Home and with the support of the US Embassy in Zagreb. Centre for Peace Studie...


Publication MIGRENT released


The publication [MIGRENT] provides an overview of a few current migrant (and) social entrepreneurial initiatives in Europe. It moves primarily toward the understanding that migrant entrepreneurship is an important tool of socio-economic emancipation, guaranteeing both successful integration of a newcomer while creating impact to local economic g...


We had a dream, and look at us now


Check out our story and become part of it. We have dreamt the Taste of Home and worked hard to make our ideas come true. We grow and learn every day. Be the part of our experience, and let's together show that the different world is possible.      


Happy New Year


Dear friends, old and new ones; dear partners and supporters; dear followers,  we wish you a happy new year with lots of love, health, success, open minds and hears for all the people of the world, courage for new steps and challenges ahead of you. We wish you to be courageous, self-confident, aware of the world around you, caring and supp...



Dear friends, This is not a goodbye letter and it is not wrapped in sorrow, on the contrary, it signs a completely new path, encompassed with the new energy and a creative break. Therefore from the very start, do read this letter as the deepest gratitude for the past experiences and a sign of the optimistic dedication of our collective to the n...