1st Conference on Migrant Entrepreneurship in Zagreb, April 24th to 28th


Dear Sir/Madam,

we are pleased to announce our first conference on migrant entrepreneurship that will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, on April 24th to 28th. The conference is organised by the Centre for Peace Studies in cooperation with the social cooperative Taste of Home and with the support of the US Embassy in Zagreb. Centre for Peace Studies has been working in support of integration and economic emancipation of migrants, mainly refugees, in Croatian society. In cooperation with number of other civil society and entrepreneurial organisations, social cooperative Taste of Home started off its’ business mainly focused on catering ethnic food as well as teaching native languages. In order to connect, exchange experiences and grow migrant entrepreneurship, we would like to open call for other migrant entrepreneurs and civil society organisations supporting migrant (social) entrepreneurship to participate in this coming conference.

According to the report ‘Migrant Entrepreneurship in OECD Countries’, migrant entrepreneurs contribute to the economy by creating new businesses. Globally speaking, migrant entrepreneurship is a growing movement highly contributing to local economic development. It is also an indicator of an opening and welcoming surrounding in the world of economy, sale and business generating greater economic growth, job creation and innovation. More than that, successful migrant entrepreneurship enhances migrants’ role in communities’ social fabric bridging economic development and migrants’ quality integration in a new society.

The conference consists of: keynote lecture and panel discussion on characteristics, opportunities and challenges of migrant entrepreneurship, sharing best practice examples, entrepreneurial fair and train-the-entrepreneurs program led by experienced mentors.

If you are a migrant entrepreneur with a longstanding experience or just at the beginning, please feel free to apply. If you are an organisation supporting migrants’ entrepreneurship on any level, we would like to have you on board. We are accepting 30 applications from all over Europe (not only EU member states). CPS will cover all the costs of your stay here (room and board included) as well as arrange your travel. Advantage in selection process will be given to those willing to deliver presentations, have active role in workshops and participate in the entrepreneurial fair.

Please apply here no later than March 26th.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (emina.buzinkic@cms.hr).

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Emina Bužinkić