Video "Origins of food"

The video “Origins of food” was created as a part of the media campaign Taste of Home, whose goal is raising awareness about refugee integration into our society, that is jointly carried out by Fade In and Center for Peace Studies. Based on the idea of presenting life experiences and cultural identities of refugees through gastronomy, this campaign is an appeal for institutions but also for the entire society to eliminate barriers in refugee integration.

The video, with contributions of refugees living in Croatia, brings us a universal message of tolerance and calls for solidarity and acceptance. The media campaign is part of the project  “Quality integration solutions for refugees” supported by the European Union from the European Social Fund “Investing in your future” and the Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Croatian government.  


Co-writers: Martina Globočnik, Miroslav Sikavica
Director: Miroslav Sikavica
Assistant director: Neda Frank

Video recording: Iva Kraljević
Editing and graphic editing: Iva Kraljević
Sound recording and editing: Tonči Tafra
Make-up: Tatjana Bijeliš
Music: Matko Botić
: Emina Bužinkić, Center for Peace Studies

 Producers: Morana Komljenović, Vilka Alfier
Production: Fade In in cooperation with CMS