Culinary-gardening cooperative Taste of Home


A group of enthusiasts and culinary lovers gathered under the common idea of converging and creating tastes and fragrances from different areas. The group is in the process of forming a cooperative that will soon set up a catering service of Arabic-African specialities. We are dreaming of opening a restaurant at one of Zagreb's squares. Follow u...


Culinarians at Social Migrations Forum


At a recently held Social Migrations Forum, organised by Blok, Center for Peace Studies and activist Petra Dimitjova, the Taste of Home collective presented their culinary specialities from the Middle East and northern Africa. (http://urbanfestival.blok.hr/13/)


Food, not bombs and Taste of Home in Rijeka


Taste of Home collective is currently in Palach where they are working hard with Food not bombs collective in preparing dishes that will be served at tonight's tasting and exhibition opening in Palach Gallery at 20.30h. „I am here as part of Food not bombs collective and I'm enjoying the culinary exchange, I am very happy I will get a ch...




Saeeda Nouri, 45, is one of tens of thousands of Iraq’s Christians who fled religious violence in Mosul, Iraq in June 2014. She now lives with her husband and youngest son in Ashti Camp for displaced Iraqi families in Erbil, in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq. World Foods Program’s Marwa Awad visits Saeeda to hear her story and ...




Tastes of home have been investigated and recorded over several years. For over ten years we are meeting people in search of safety and happiness. Some of these stories about the search for a better life have been recorded in this book. Through the culinary workshops and public presentations of culinary specialities, as well as through creation ...