Moj dom

Home in a foreign land


How to build a home in a foreign land, to go through the process of integration without losing your identity, what to give up on, what to accept. Anthropologically speaking, the story of recipes is a story of specific things that ''others'' bring to our area, but also about mutual, already accepted standards, as well as global gastronomical tren...


Taste of Home and refugee integration on second day of Refugee Week


The second day of Refugee week started on Tuesday at 10h in front of the reception centre for foreigners Ježevo where the  Jesuit Refugee Service organised a table tennis tournament. A thematic session of the Committee for National Minorities of the city Zagreb and the Coordination for Human Rights of the City of Zagreb was held in City Ha...


A cooking story from Nigeria


Nigerian refugee Prince cooks cooks his domestic food for Croatian people. Three years ago Prince has prepared Egusi soup and nigerian beans with plantan bananas from International workers Day. Al Jazeera covered his story. Read the article


The maps show us the movement of people and spices through history.