Bashkim Fazliu


I am originally from Prishtina, Kosovo. There I worked mainly as a radio journalist and interpreter/translator, something that I am doing as my primary professional activity in Croatia as well, where I've been living for the last 11 years. At the end of the nineties, I was involved in civil society activities, mainly working to bridge the differences and help bring understanding between the communities in Kosovo. During the war in Kosovo we had to leave our homes and become refugees. That was the greatest shock in my life. However, during this tragedy, we in Kosovo were lucky to have the sympathies and solidarity of the world when we needed it the most. I cannot even imagine how would it be for us without that support. I can imagine even less how is it for the people who today have to leave their homes and try to save their lives having no support, being totally rejected and hitting border fences and sometimes police brutality wherever they go. 


Okus doma is a social enterprise with the aim to create jobs and help newcomers or refugees and other people. I got on board because I thought that this is the least I can do to reach out to few people who made it to here and stayed. This is our role as humans and as good citizens. We need to create space and opportunities for people to integrate, to make an income and have a decent life. On top of it, Okus doma makes amazing food and has plans to bring other great projects and ideas and this is a great driver for all of us here.