"Food is an excellent way of demonstrating the differences of society"


The Taste of Home collective is currently in Kuhaona where they are working hard in preparing dishes that will be presented tonight at exhibition from 19.30 at Showroom of New Gallery.


In the culinary workshop we have friends from Algeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, USA and Croatia. One of them is the Croatian representative of High Commissioner of UN for Refugees, Terence Pike. His message is that he is very happy while looking at all the delicious food that cooking for tonight’s event, and that he is very happy while looking at all the different people which are preparing the food. “With this kind of workshops you are sending a message that our societies need to be tolerant towards people that are seeking protection”, Pike pointed out. He himself was part of a team in charge of preparing Syrian rice, but he admitted he is looking forward most of trying the dishes from Ethiopia. “Food is an excellent way of showing all the colourful differences of society”, he concluded.