INTERKULTURA in Slavonski Brod


INTERKULTURA: a place of cultural encounters, dialogue and solidarity is a manifestation organised by Taste of Home team, Centre for Peace Studies and the Refugees Welcome Initiative. In the City Library of Slavonski Brod we opened our programme with the projection of a documentary film „I am Nobody“, made by a journalist author Barbara Matejčić. It is a story about asylum seekers in Croatia telling us about their destinies and hopes. After the following discussion Chichi from Ethiopia and Sadou from Senegal, our beautiful Taste of Home cooks presented delicious food made on this event. Traditional african drum beats were saved for the end. All in all, we will remember this day as being wonderfull, full of emotions, a day which makes us want that the whole world can feel what we felt, this true human connection and the eagerness to strive for equality no matter what.