We wanted workers, we got people


The film tells about the exploitation of Bosnian construction workers in Slovenia.

A man doesn't choose his parents or the country he’s born in. The question of national identity determines fates of many, whether they like it or not. Citizens of many European countries go looking for a better life in the promised lands of the West, doing work local population doesn't know or want to do. They’re looked upon as second class citizens and denied their basic human and social rights. In tandem with big business, the laws are tailored so that the exploitation of these people is legal.


The film won a reward for best short film at CineMigrante festival that was held in Buenos Aires from 8.-16.October. In explaining the prize, the jury emphasised its direct message, dynamic editing, great choices of protagonists and flawless technical realisation, adding that the film breaks the stereotype of migrating from Third World countries to First World countries, as it discovers how citizens of Europe exploit other Europeans.